Learn How To Use Supertech Oil Filter

Supertech oil filter is one of the best oil filters available for motor vehicles. It is a product of Champion and Wal-Mart is a known distributor of the product in market. This is known to be one of the best oil filters available in this price range. Many people underestimate the filter due to its cheap price. However, the performance of the filter is amazing and it is comparable to any other top and expensive brands. When it comes to preventing the impurities from entering the engine, this filter does its job perfectly. To be able to gain maximum advantage from this super tech oil filter you should learn to use it properly. Here are some steps to provide you proper guideline for using super tech oil filters.

One of the most important steps is to find out the suitable model of super tech oil filter for your vehicle. If you are buying the product from the Wal-Mart store, they will allow you to use a computer that finds the compatibility of various oil filter models with your vehicle and helps you to find the suitable filter. It is important to find the suitable filter for your vehicle. The automotive section attendant at stores can also help you to find the right version of oil filter for your vehicle.

The next step is to warm the engine of a car. Leave it running for ten minutes so that the engine can warm up and then park it on a flat surface.
Once the engine is warm, now you need to find the oil pan drain plug. Place the drain pan under the plug. The oil pan is located at the bottom of engine in most vehicles. However, you can acquire help of a mechanic to do this.

Loosen the drain plug with the help of a wrench by turning it anticlockwise. Once the plug is removed, the oil will start to drain from the. Wait until the oil is completely drained out of the engine. Once all the oil is drained, replace the plug tightly on its position.

Next step is to find the oil filter in your automobile. It is usually located at the bottom or the driver side of the engine. Loosen the oil filter just like you did with the drain plug.
When an oil filter is removed, some oil might spill out of it, so make sure to place the drain pan under the filter when you remove it.

You can use this leaked engine oil to lubricate your new Supertech oil filter that you are going to install in your engine. Use a wrench to place the oil filter tight in its position.
Once the oil filter has been installed in its position, the next step is to open the hood of filter and remove the oil filler cap. Once the cap is removed, you can install the funnel in filler. After installing the oil filter completely, put an appropriate amount of oil in the filter. You can find how much oil is enough by following the manual.

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